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Compliance and Screening

MedStaff Alternatives recruits, evaluates and hires only employees of the highest quality. Accurate screening and credential verification is one of our organization’s top priorities.

We perform a thorough search to ensure that the employee you receive is an accredited medical professional. As a Joint Commission Certified Staffing Organization we understand the importance of following the standards set forth by the Joint Commission and take great care to maintain compliance. All licenses and credentials are reviewed on a continuous basis to maintain a current status.

Below is just a sample of the screening that each employee may go through prior to placement. Screening may vary depending upon specific employee skill set.

Testing & Immunizations which may include:

If you are interested in placing an order or inquiring about our services, please call our main office at 312-357-1700 and ask for a Resource Manager or email us at info@medstaffalternatives.com.

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